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Landis & Landis Construction is committed to providing customers with quality work performed in a professional and prompt manner. Successfully completed projects include: site development, reservoirs, street improvements, public utility work, trenchless pipe rehabilitation, pump stations, cathodic protection, and emergency response. Expansion through diversification has led to deep excavations for hi-rise building projects. This demanding market requires knowledge of dewatering, adverse soil conditions and vertical shoring systems. Exceptional care is given to provide safe environments for employees and existing structures.

Experienced crews work efficiently utilizing the latest technology to accommodate the varying needs of any project. Our reputation among project owners and engineers is a testament to our customer service. Lasting relationships with reputable subcontractors allow for successful project completion. GPS technology increases the efficiency of our earthwork crews. Experience with the latest construction trends provides us with an opportunity to offer value engineering options.

At Landis and Landis, safety is an attitude. We consistently exceed our customers' expectations, and we deliver creativity throughout all phases of construction, including detailed project planning and scheduling, value engineering, and adherence to aggressive project schedules.

Landis and Landis creates opportunities to hire M/W/ESB Firms.

Company Profile

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Landis & Landis Construction, LLC
P.O. Box 50
Marylhurst, OR 97036

Landis & Landis Construction is a family-owned Limited Liability Company, started in 2001 by two brothers with numerous years of civil construction experience.

Expected annual gross receipts: $20,000,000

Primary business activity is residential development, commercial development, large site preparation, and municipal road construction including mass excavation, fine grading, trucking, and underground utilities.

Mission Statement

Expanding the limitations of current civil construction practices and to continually be a leader in safety practices, employee satisfaction and customer relations.


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Project Record

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The hard work, experience and dedication of our original leadership team has provided an outstanding foundation upon which the company has succeeded and grown.

Through our projects and clients, Landis & Landis Construction has become known for our hard work, ability to deliver projects on schedule, and our innovative solutions for construction challenges.

We are currently working with many public agencies, building infrastructure for the future as well as rehabilitating existing infrastructure to leverage its lifespan.

While the construction industry has seen numerous changes over the years, the set of principles and values upon which we founded our company have not. These values combine dedication, hard work, a sense of family value, and quality workmanship, and are instilled in each of our employees.

We strive to recruit, retain and reward a quality workforce; establish enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients; and to be a profitable company that provides economic stability for our people and our community.

With a sense of pride in our past, and an eye toward the future, we are committed to providing excellence in our work and building lasting relationships with those we do business with.

Professional Affiliations

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  • AGC
  • NUCA
  • College of Construction (training agent)/Apprenticeship Utilization